Authorized Builders

For the most efficient building solution, select a VP Builder.

Your independent Authorized VP Builder will lend expertise in planning and building to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing structure that suits your needs. Drawing on experience in constructing nonresidential buildings, your VP Builder has a realistic view of what you expect and what it will take to achieve your goal.

VP Building solutions are distributed across the United States and Canada through a nationwide network of nearly 1,000 qualified contractors. These independent Authorized builders have been carefully selected and trained to help clients create buildings that meet their individual needs. Working together with architects and engineers, VP Builders are dedicated to completing your building project on time and within budget, while never compromising quality. VP Buildings and the independent Authorized VP Builders are committed to providing The Ultimate Building Solution for your project.

VP independent Authorized Builders use the most advanced computer system in the industry, VP Command, to help reduce design and estimating time, accurately detail the building structure, and efficiently process the material through manufacturing.


To find a Builder in your area

You can search by state, and then by City or County.

For Canada, search by province only.


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