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The Cool Roof Rating Council was created in 1998 to establish a methodology and system of quality control for roofing manufacturers to report the reflectance (the amount of solar energy deflected from a surface…) and emittance (the ability of a surface to cool itself through radiative heat loss…) data from testing done on their products. It is important to understand that the CRRC does not set reflectivity or emissivity criteria. In addition, the CRRC does not specify what is or is not a “cool” roof… these values are determined by the project specifier, building owner, state/municipal code body, or others.

Energy Star®

The Energy Star program comes from the US Environmental Protection Agency, and offers businesses and consumers notably energy-efficient alternatives in a broad range of products.

This program is organized by product categories, including roofing. The roofing category is divided into two subcategories:

  • Low Slope Roofs (2:12 inches or LESS)
  • Steep Slope Roofs (GREATER than 2:12)

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