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VP Buildings offers four distinct roof systems — SSR, HWR, SLR II, and Panel Rib — to meet your particular needs. Varco Pruden also offers an extended Optima Warranty for SSR and SLR II.


Low slope, low maintenance

The SSR System is a low-slope, clip mounted standing seam roof that meets the most demanding performance specifications. These durable, low-maintenance panels are interlocked and mechanically field-seamed in place, yielding a single membrane allowing for quick construction and strength at a lower cost. The slotted clip allows up to 3 1/4" of thermal movement. SSR's patented ridge system seams together and provides a true expansion joint. Panels are available in either 22 or 24 gauge zinc aluminum coated steel with 3"-high ribs. Available in 6 colors plus base Galvalume.

  • Economical
  • Field-seamed weather-resistant joint
  • Roof slopes as low as 1/4" in 12"
  • 24" coverage
  • Lengths up to 50'
  • UL 90 Wind Uplift Rating available
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-approved for Wind Uplift Resistance
  • Dade County Building Commission-approved
  • Factory Mutual-approved


Downloadable product information for SSR 



HWR – High Wind Roof System
Strong and weathertight

For buildings located along the coastal regions and areas where high winds are common, this sturdy roof system is ideal. Capable of withstanding winds above 130 mph (based on substrate spacing) VP’s HWR is the right choice. And VP’s patented bull-nosed ridge cap is part of the overall roofing envelope to ensure a complete weathertight seal. Using a unique clip system that allows plenty opf thermal movement, these 24” wide panels with a 3” high trapezoidal profile are produced in lengths from 10’ to 45’. Roof slopes range from ¼:12 up to 4:12


    • Patented clip designed for superior performance in wind conditions above 130 mph
    • Field-seamed weather-resistant joint
    • 3” high standing seam ribs with 180° field seaming ensures weathertight seal
    • Available in 14 KXL colors


    Downloadable Product information for HWR – High Winds Roof 

    Insulation Systems

    Thermal Block: Minimizing heat escape where insulation is compressed over purlins or joists is one of the best ways to improve the thermal efficiency of a building. Better thermal efficiency means lower energy costs and lower life-cycle costs.  VP's Thermal Block provides an economical way to improve thermal performance by reducing heat escape at contact areas over roof secondary. When thermal blocks are used along with 6" rolled fiberglass insulation, there is an improvement of 25% compared to systems where thermal blocks are not used. 

    VP’s SuperBlock system for SSR and HWR is capable of delivering an ASTM-C236 Hot Box tested, in-place R-value of 22.8 with a non-reflective facing. If using a reflective facing, the R-value can be as high as 23.5.VP's unique Seamed Ridge system for SSR and HWR allows for a consistent look and efficient closure and protection at the apex of the roof.
    Downloadable product information on insulation options for SSR & HWR roof systems 

    SLR II

    Meets architectural specifications

    This architectural/structural roof system is a low-slope, concealed-fastener roof that meets most architectural performance specifications. Using factory-installed sealant, pre-caulked galvanized clips, and field-seaming, this roof system provides unsurpassed performance and leak resistance. Panels are available in 22 or 24 gauge Galvalume steel. The thermally responsive galvanized panel clip combines a 22 gauge hook and a 16 gauge clip.

    • Economical
    • Field-seamed weather-resistant joint
    • Roof slopes as low as 1/4" in 12"
    • 16" coverage with 2" depth
    • Lengths up to 40'
    • UL 90 Wind Uplift Rating available
    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-approved for Wind Uplift Resistance
    • Factory Mutual-approved

     Downloadable product information for SLR II

    Panel Rib Roof

    Attractive and economical

    This attractive, high-quality, low-maintenance roof is ideal for tight budgets. The 36"-wide panel is attached with self-drilling, stainless steel color-matched fasteners. This system offers you enhanced roof integrity and quicker installation. Sealant is applied to every metal-to-metal contact point, resulting in a weather-resistant roof. The panel has 1-1/4" high ribs and comes in lengths up to 41'. Panels are available in either 24 or 26 gauge zinc aluminum coated steel.

    • Economical;
    • Roof slopes as low as 1/2" in 12"
    • 36" coverage
    • Lengths up to 41'
    • UL 60 and UL 90 Wind Uplift Ratings available
    • Dade County Building Commission-approved

    Downloadable Product information for Panel Rib Roof





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    Download ThermoDeck product information 


    Deck•Frame Roof
    Deck•Frame is the first metal building roofing solution specifically designed to incorporate a membrane roof with a pre-engineered metal building. It combines the efficiency, speed, and economy of steel systems construction with the esthetic performance of a membrane roof system.


    SkyWeb II is installed with the fraing system to act as a fall protection measure while workers install the roof. This sturdy netting product complies with OSHA standards. After roof installation, SkyWeb II gives snug support to rolled insulation systems.

    Download Product Information for SkyWeb II


     SkyWeb II Fall Protection & Insulation Support System


     ThermoDeck Composite Roof System


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